Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Twilight vs Midnight Sun

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, has most probably been reviewed so many times that the combined reviews are now longer than the book itself.

But, for those few people who have managed to avoid the phenomenon that is Twilight, a brief overview... Bella Swan moves to Forks, Washington, to live with her Dad, expecting to find a sleepy damp town with little to offer her. Instead, she arrives to find a sleepy damp town occupied by the Cullen family, who are so ridiculously good looking that they must be supernatural in some way. Twilight follows her relationship with the mysterious Edward Cullen, a mind reading vampire, and the danger the relationship holds for everyone. 

And Midnight Sun is the same story from Edward's perspective. The massive problem is that Stephenie Meyer hasn't actually published a finished copy, because it was leaked onto the internet. A copy is available to download from her website, and its well worth the read, even though its only the first half.

When I read Twilight I loved it, but I was 'mildly' annoyed by Bella, and her semi-self imposed loneliness, and just the way she thought. Can you even get annoyed by the way a character thinks? Not necessarily what she thinks, but how she thinks it? But then I read Midnight Sun, and I had an actual "Oh, NOW it makes sense" moment of clarity, where you suddenly get why Edward loves Bella, and how outside of her own head she is a lot less annoying. And then you get to see all these other bits of the story that Bella doesn't see, which makes it a more well rounded book, like Alice's visions, which you see when Edward reads her mind. 
But both books are better than the film, even if its just because the Bella in my head can shut her mouth. (no offence to Kristen Stewart, but her gormless open mouthedness ruins a generally good performance)

Twilight is a 6 out of 10, but Midnight Sun promises to be at least a 8, maybe even a 9, should Meyer ever get around to finishing it.

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