Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin

So George R. R. Martin, who looks like a fisherman, wrote this Epic fantasy novel set primarily in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and in the land across the narrow sea. Yes, it does deserve a capitalised E. EPIC!

The Epic story (are we sensing a theme yet?) is told from the perspective of 8 people- Eddard Stark, his wife Catelyn, four of Eddard's six children, Tyrion Lannister (the Queen's brother), and Daenerys Targaryen, an exiled princess. Because of the multi-perspective third person thing going on, its really complicated to start with, trying to work out who is who, and how are they related, and do they like each other or not. Luckily, family trees are included in the back in case you get confused, which was pointed out to me by The Boyfriend after I kept checking with him who was who but then complaining when he accidentally gave away plot points.

So there's all these people, taking turns to have chapters, all with different stories and stuff happening, and time jumps between each of their own chapters, which is epic to write (I would guess), but then there's also all of the story, and the world that Martin has created, which is well... *insert another word for epic*. Its immense. Its enormity is enormous. Large words in a large font vaguely allude to its sheer size and mental scope. I'm 322 pages in, not even half way, and so far all of the different plot lines/ character perspectives are excellently juggled, and could probably hold up separately as much smaller books. Just as you start to think "But what about this character?", the next chapter is about that character. And nothing is filler- every chapter develops the plot some more, and even the bits that you think are filler are shown to be vitally important developments just a chapter or so later.

The language isn't too eloquent or the best of literary script writing, and some of the sexual references are crudely phrased, but I think that fits the tone of the book perfectly- its not a flowery girly book for sure.

But... there are puppies...
Did I mention the PUPPIES?!
*girly look-at-the-puppies squeal*... wolf puppies... erm, super sized dire wolf puppies that are defensive and loyal and vicious, and played by exceedingly cute Northern Innuit dogs. Unfortunately I own neither of these images or any of these dogs... sniffs sadly, but yay for the TV show version being made so that I have a lovely related image of puppies.

Bigger Puppy.. I mean, ferocious man eating wolf... called Lady
The cute/dangerous puppy direwolves are just one of the additions to the fantasy world that Martin has filled with... erm... stuff. animals and objects that a normal person would know of, or recognise, and then some standard fantasy animals and stuff, and then random well-named creatures that Martin has made up and mentions in passing, giving a suggestion of what it is. As to what the hell these things look like, its left up to the readers own imaginative devices.

I will post some kind of have now finished the book and think this thing that I'm about to write post, and probably add in some stuff that I've forgotten to mention no doubt.  Exciting, Epic and Enticing stuff so far. Loving my E words today. Provided the end doesn't disappoint, this is going to have a big score.

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