Thursday, 15 December 2011

I've finished A Game of Thrones, and the word Epic has been banned

So I have finally finished A Game of Thrones. It took a lot longer than I had hoped for, as I was simultaneously battling both an essay and a particularly nasty cold that made me sound worryingly like Darth Vader. Since the day that I wrote the first part of this review, I have excessively used the word Epic, and because of disapproving looks shot by some family members, the use of said word might now be banned... well... me saying it at least.
But any-hoo, the second half of the book was even more epic than the first half, and it has made me really impatient to start the next installment, which is frustrating as The Boyfriend is a mighty slow reader and still has over 600 pages to go! 

So Game of Thrones is all politics and battles, dragon eggs and wolves, witchcraft, treachery and corruption, and oh, its all so good! SO good! 

Normally if a main character is killed off (who I like), then I mildly resent the author, even if I see the need for the death. But this time I resented the the character responsible for the death (who is referred to as a little son of a *long-string of profanities*). And I totally like that I was so immersed in the book that I temporarily forgot the presence of the author. 

Plus, I like that only some of the characters truly develop. True, they all react differently as their surroundings change, but I think that only Daenerys truly changes in this books. It's unrealistic to expect all characters in a book to develop, especially as its because of many of the primary characters' faults that most of the plot happens. 
The best bit about the book is definitely its complexity and the way that Martin has made sure that every aspect of the fantasy world that could be thought of is complete, with a back story and motivations and detail in everything, especially in terms of how each character, family or place connects to each other. 

Admittedly the writing isn't the best ever, (as i mentioned before), but there are no glaringly obvious parts of naff-ness to bring it down, and the characters themselves are so well written that it completely outweighs any small problems with the book. Love. It. 9 shiny stars!!!

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