Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review: Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson

I do have to say, I absolutely Love my paranormal romances, especially vampire novels. They are the perfect mix of action, sci-fi and romantic fantasy escapism that together are the perfect break from erm... thinking too hard. And Undead and Unwed is one of my favourite low-effort vampire novels, almost entirely because of the protagonist, Betsy Taylor. 

She's fantastic because she is such a cynic, and she's so headstrong and opinionated that she's not automatically half in love with every vampire she meets; in fact, she openly mocks most of them, despite being a vampire herself (although not by choice). Betsy's perspective is really interesting; she's shallow, stubborn, rude, easily distracted and has foul language to boot, but all this makes her incredibly funny. 

Betsy gets fired, ran over by an Aztec Pontiac and killed before waking up a Vampire in a funeral home wearing cheap cast-off shoes *shudders*. And there's some awfully clich├ęd bad-guy whose name she can't remember, who wants Betsy dead. Oh, and she might be the prophesised Vampire Queen. Busy week.

Plus, all of it is in the first person and seeing as Betsy is no pushover, the whole book is wonderfully biased. I suppose it might not be for everyone- those who aren't a fan of sarcasm might not appreciate Betsy's sense of humour, and anyone wanting a simpering Bella-esque character and a perfect heart-melting romance are going to be disappointed. The romantic sub-plot is less of a love-hate relationship and more of a he's-so-sexy-but-I-hate-him relationship, with Sinclair being obscenely swoon worthy, and almost as fiendish (not Evil, but scheming plotting type fiendish).
But, instead of detracting from the book, all of Betsy's personality quirks and all of the character dynamics make it much more fun to read. It pokes fun at the Vampire genre, or at least many of its stereotypes, and yet isn't totally ridiculous. Plus, Undead and Unwed proves that vampires can wear designer shoes, have crude language, and not be unfashionable black cape-wearing denizens of the night.
Sexy, Sarcastic, light-hearted fun. 8.5 stars.

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