Monday, 23 January 2012

Fantasy Lover, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ooh, its a bit toasty in here, isn't it? OR, maybe I am just hot under the collar, because this book is like, mighty sexy. Grace Alexander is probably one of the luckiest women in the imaginary literary world; thats not a plot point or anything, just my own observation. Julian is an amazing creation of Sherrilyn Kenyon's. That woman has a beautiful imagination, congrats to her.

Wow, just re-read that last paragraph, and I sound like a sex-obsessed teenager. Fantasy Lover does have a storyline, I promise! A storyline that actually involves temporary abstinence, so 50% plus of the sexy in the this book is not-having-sex until it literally drives you crazy with the God's madness. Erm, storyline, right, FOCUS Rachel!!

Dr. Grace Alexander has a great life; a fantastic best friend, a great career as a sex therapist, a great wardrobe (cream Ralph Lauren dress, yes please!), but a non-existent sex life. A lack of a love life isn't a problem for Grace, but her fantastic best friend Selena disagrees- in fact the book opens with Selena loudly declaring in public "Honey, you need to get laid." Grace has been hurt before, and what she needs to get her confidence back up, according to Selena, is a fling with a man who will fulfill her every need. And Selena happens to have found a man who fits the bill exactly: Julian of Macedon, a sex slave who has been trapped in a scroll for the past 2000 years, who, once summoned, will be at his summoners sexual beck and call for a whole month.

Grace plays along with Selena's odd idea, because she is certain that the summoning ceremony won't work, and because she is too nice to tell Selena (who earns a living as a fortune teller in central New Orleans) that magic isn't real (oh, how wrong Grace is).

So, ceremony over, a naked Julian pops into being, and jumps into his job role, quickly seducing Grace and nearly getting into her panties, before she puts a stop to all that nonsense. The girl has morals, and principles etc. Grace then goes on a "treat Julian like a human, not a sex slave" mission, and feeds and clothes him and whatnot, all whilst correctly assessing that he too has plenty of issues. How can you be an immortal sex-slave for 2000years and not have a few issues? Right?

Love, sexual tension and conflict fill the rest of the book as Grace tries to help Julian in breaking the curse holding him as a sex slave kept in a scroll. And there's lots of greek gods and goddesses who all turn up at the most awkward moments possible, and a madman stalker. 'cause every story needs one of those to make life just a tad more dramatic.

Grace is kind, smart and loving and believably normal (that's a good thing) and Julian is, as I have already mentioned, rather buff. But he is also kind and considerate and generous, as well as being a spartan general who loves kids. And he protects Grace from a weirdo stalker. He is a pretty good all-round package of both love interest and decent character.

The book is definitely an easy read, it's fun and sexy, and the constant sexual tension is made a part of the plot rather than an awkward aside or imposing secondary thought. Theres enough action but also lots of focus on how their relationship develops, with some really nice couply scenes together. Compared to some of Sherrilyn Kenyon's other books, there are some Kenyon-habits that are missing, but this is probably a good thing- Kenyon has a tendency to pause telling the story to give you a brief background of the mythology, and she has the annoying habit of introducing so so many characters to be the focus of later Books. Overall, this is my favourite SK book, and a good prequel to the Dark-Hunter series,8stars.

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