Thursday, 9 August 2012

Dreams of a Dark Warrior- Kresley Cole

Reginleit the radiant is an immortal daughter of the gods Woden and Freya. At just 12 years old she leaves Valhalla to save her sister Lucia, and meets Aiden the Fierce, a Beserker who claims her to be his future wife. Nine years later she returns to him, now a full grown woman, allowing Aiden to try to win her heart. Before they can wed, and shortly after doing the nasty for the first time together, they are separated by Aiden's untimely, and gruesome death. Over a thousand years later, Aiden's soul is reincarnated in the body of Declan Chase, and he has become a member of The Order, an organisation of mortals who hunt down and kill immortal and supernatural beings. And Regin just happens to be his next target. Once Regin has been captured,  her only hope of escape is to make Declan remember his love for her, even though she knows that their cursed relationship will inevitably lead to his death. Tough decision! Except that he has, in her eyes, betrayed her, and he did stab her with a mashoosive blade to capture her; general self preservation kicks in over hanging out with Aiden's soul, especially as he is now a total jerk. So its all a bit emotional conflict; Declan is all "oh, I hate her, but she fixes the internal anguish that drugs cannot, and Damn she's fine!"

There are lots of other characters that are casually referred to that I think must be in other books in the series, and they all seem to turn up throughout the book- truly The Order seems to be having a good few weeks, as so many of the characters that are relevant to the story line are brought in recently, and all to the same facility. Kudos to them. So they capture enough people that eventually someone else's bad deeds and terrible repercussions turn up and all the shit hits the fan, which was good because by that point it was getting a little snore and there was no progression.

Cole's writing style is so typically paranormal romance. It's all "oh, my past anguish, but I won't think about that until later when it is revealed after about a million oh-my-inner-turmoil moments", and lots of one sentence paragraphs where the person plays their own devils advocate briefly before reverting to their original thought pattern.

And so much stuff happens off page that is so casually referred to that I can't decide if it's alluding to other books in the series or if it's just some lazy ass story telling going on. I'm always wary of books that have lists of definitions before the story; again, is it lazy, or just that complicated? I did appreciate some of the definitions, but at some parts of the story it felt like Cole was just taking liberties just because she had already given random facts. Like in the definitions the Valkyrie are described with a note that without training, most can be mesmerised by shining objects. Then, a few chapters in, "Regin dug into her copious chest of jewels, containing no glittering stones, of course." just seems like a pointless thing to mention, as it wasn't necessary and didn't even fit in with the characters current train of thought. I don't even think it was mentioned anywhere else in the book.

I kinda feel that I'm bitching about this book way too much, cos its actually not all that bad. Sure, the vivisection is pretty nasty, and there are flaws, but Regin is funny, and it ticks all of the standard boxes for paranormal romance, has plenty of steamy bits, and Cole just about pulls it all together at the end after a few wobbly bits, for both the characters and the reader. 6 stars.

Edit... I wrote this months and months ago, and really struggled to remember all the plot points when trying to edit this. It seemed rushed in places, and so long and dragging in others. BUT, I am going to give Kresley Cole another chance to wow me and try to read the first of this series sometime soon (because this is the 10th one, and its always difficult starting in the middle, especially as they aren't stand alone books).

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