Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Movie- Louise Bagshawe

I remember this being one of my favourite books when I was about fifteen. Probably because it was amongst the first properly adult books that I read. I remember asking to borrow it from my mum, and her asking if I was sure I wanted to read it, as it contained plenty of "throbbing cocks"- my mum not being one to mince her words.

The movie is about, surprisingly enough, a movie, or the making of it. More specifically, three women who would remain entirely unconnected if it wasn't for this movie. Megan Silver, a typical generation-x girl, has written a killer screenplay called "see the lights", and lucks out when it gets picked up by a major agency. The male lead cast is Zach Mason, the buff and brooding singer from Megan's all-time favourite band Dark Angel, but he and Megan quickly fall out. Meanwhile, SuperDuperModel, Roxana Felix wants to be an actress and she quickly screws her way into the lead female role in Megan's movie. Oh, and she is a mega super bitch. I think that's the official phrase.

And then the book also follows Eleanor Marshall, who has recently been promoted to president of the studio that is making "see the lights". There are three things she wants in life; success in her new job, a baby, and Tom, her closest friend and immediate boss who just happens to be married to a 24year old arm candy sex toy bimbo.

Bitchiness and callous plots to overthrow various different people, both romantically and professionally, often at the same time,  are totally in excess throughout the book but they make they book a lot more interesting and dramatic. I'm trying to ignore the idea that it is unrealistic that so many people are all plotting against Roxana, Eleanor and Megan.

I really like that Louise Bagshawe pays so much attention to the clothes and make-up her characters wear, especially as in this book their clothing reflects their status so so much, and really help to contrast the characters against each other. Eleanor is classy and professional in business suits, Roxana is always overtly sexual in designer everything, whereas Megan's clothing transforms dramatically throughout the book from being understated and casual to becoming a hot hollywood bitch.

With all of the scandal and bitchiness and plotting, followed by the requisite happily ever after, (that was caused by the really fucked up situation in the middle), it's a real balance of evil-yay and happy-yay, which is the type of book I can really get into for a few hours.
7 stars.

To buy this book from Amazon, click here or for a Kindle copy, click here.

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