Monday, 17 September 2012

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, by H. P. Mallory

Title: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
Author: H. P. Mallory
Format: Ebook
Length: 255 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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This was another book from the recent bout of books read-a-thon that I have only just got around to reviewing. Its a free download on both kindle and ibooks, and I totally recommend it!

Jolie Wilkins is a psychic, which is something she has come to terms with. She has her own shop, telling fortunes, and works with her best friend, but doesn't speak to her mother too often (too many holy water baths growing up). And then Rand Balfour turns up, all English and Hunky and Brooding. He informs her that he is a warlock, and that she isn't JUST psychic, but also a witch. Apparently quite a powerful one. He hires her to help with a spell for a customer (a dead, ghosty one), nice and simple. But then Jolie accidentally raises the customer from the dead, and it turns out that she is a lot more powerful than anyone anticipated. Naturally, this attracts the attention of Evil Witchy Lady, who is recruiting for her evil army of evil.

So, to protect Jolie from the Evil Witchy Lady, Rand whisks her away to the UK, (WHOOP! UK!) to his manor. And then there is magicks, fights and sexual tension. Then a proper cliff hanger ending designed to make you buy the next book in the series, which I might do (totally will do, post birthday, when I buy my own ipad! *pathetic girly squeal!!*)

I love that the whole magic thing is mainly thought/imagination based. Like, Jolie creates a dress out of thin air based on one she saw Jennifer Aniston wear once. Wish I could do that. I would be the worst superhero EVER, but I would look fab! Wasn't too sure about the best friend dropping her entire life to move to the UK with Jolie, but, once she was there she really helped the story along, as she was there to have genuine conversations with Jolie so that the reader wasn't just being told stuff, but shown it.

Overall, it was a really fun read, with lots of witchy stuff going on, which is always good, and I am really looking forward to the next book in the series. And sorry that this is a fairly crap review, I am so post birthday weekend mentally deficient atm! Reviews may improve through the week, but I cant promise anything. erm...
 7.5 stars... for the book. My weekend was rated higher than that.

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  1. D'OH, not available to use yet here in the U.S. I'm adding this to my read list though. It looks like fun :)


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