Monday, 24 September 2012

Things I'm Loving... #1

Because sometimes, I do things other than read....

This week I am loving...

Downton Abbey
(Series 3 is now on ITV, Sundays, 9pm. USA, sorry but you have to wait until the spring!)

Its a new series! And there's all the stuff going on! Plotting!

And Maggie Smith is a genius (as usual).

"Don't be defeatist, Dear. It's very middle class." 

Ok, so that was a detailed description. For anyone who doesn't know, Downton Abbey follows the dramatics of all the residents (upstairs and downstairs), of Downton Abbey. It started in series 1 based in pre-WW1, and by series 3 is just getting into the 1920s. It is full of dramatics, from love triangles, to murders, scandal, and more scandal. Can never have too much scandal.

It is so addictive, and all escapism, mostly because it all seems totally ridiculous. For example, last week, there was a great deal of drama because Matthew turned up to dinner in black tie instead of white tie. OMG, how do they cope with these societal infractions?

Totally recommend it! In fact, I order you to watch it, or at least a clip. Oh, look, I have provided one below.

Enjoy a video of just some of Lady Grantham's finest lines...

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