Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Things I am Loving #5

Because sometimes, I do things other than read....

This week I am loving...

Listening to someone's heartbeat.

Yes, that is so so random. But I was stuck for what to write this week for what I am loving, and I randomly thought of the last time I did this, and it made me smile like a bit of a goon. Its totally relaxing when you are getting a bit of a cuddle on, and the person doesn't realise that you are listening to their heartbeat. Its even nicer when their heartbeat is all relaxed and whatnot too.

Or, if you have a wicked sense of humour (like me), you can let the person know that you can hear their heartbeat, and listen to it speed up as they get all nervous and self conscious.
Am I mean? Yes. Was it cute? Kinda. Was it funny? Absolutely. Will they ever see this? Probably not.

Erm, so yeah... thats my random thought for the week. And now I am off to read a book in bed, on my own.

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