Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Boat Builder's Bed, by Kris Pearson

Title: The Boat Builder's Bed
Author: Kris Pearson
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romance
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I have a confession to make. I downloaded this book because I totally thought it was steamy book porn, with maybe a hint of plot. Turns out, its actually a pretty nice contemporary romance, with actual plot and character motives and all that proper writer jazz thrown in, along with a fairly sizeable amount of steam. Not proper book porn at all though.

Sophie Calhoun is trying to open her own interior design business, Subtle, to help her get on her feet. Once she makes enough money, her daughter Camille will finally be able to live with her again. She just needs to get one big commission to get her business the kick-start it needs. So when Rafe Blackhawk Severino, swoops into her life, hiring her to finish his new build mega-mansion, its a dream come true. But there are complications, of course. Rafe happens to be her old boss's ex-husband, and an absolute hunk who just happens to be a millionaire who builds and sells jumbo yachts for a living. And the sexual chemistry between the two of them is undeniable, even though Sophie wants to keep their relationship strictly professional. Knowing that Rafe was unwanted by his parents, and raised by his grandmother, she keeps Camille's existence a secret, afraid that Rafe will judge her, and fire her.

The story is kind of nice, and the millionaire part allows for some fancy bits to be added in, and adds another contrast between Rafe and Sophie. Plus, there is a motorbike. Nothing like a Ducati to up the sexiness of a scene.

The sexual chemistry between Sophie and Rafe is off the charts, but the sex scenes aren't the best. Don't get me wrong, they aren't the worst I have read... but some of the phrases used just made me laugh...
Describing an orgasm... "Like a dewy crimson rose unfurling its petals and then folding them closed, again and again, around a glorious golden intruder." 
Erm... Yeah.. That's nice, dear.
 But their relationship in general makes up for it. I would say that this book is not for anyone who Doesn't want kids, because you'll hate yourself by the end of the book, and you won't agree with most of the forces that motivate the characters. Seriously, both Sophie and Rafe are incredibly broody characters, which I've not really come across (to this degree) before in a book.  Some of the elements of the story get a bit repetitive after a few chapters, such as Sophie's internal anguish about not telling Rafe about Camille.

The end of the book is fairly predictable, but ticks all the boxes for a standard HEA, where everything is resolved and all super nice etc. Nice easy read, with a few unintentionally funny moments. Plus, it was free, so there's an extra half a point there. 6 stars. 

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