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The Vampire Diaries Books 3-4 (The Fury and The Reunion), by L. J. Smith

Title: The Fury; The Reunion
Author: L. J. Smith
Format: Paperback
Length: very short and very short
Genre: teen vampire angst
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So I have already reviewed the first two books in The Vampire Diaries Series, and hath proclaimed them to be disappointing, and yet here I am, having read the next TWO books in the series as well. Not just that, but I read them all in the same week. These books are addictive. Rubbish, but addictive. I think I kept reading them because as the books went on there were more similarities to the TV series, and so I wanted to see how the original storyline progressed compared to the tv series version. OK, there must be something good about it, because I couldn't seem to stop reading it. (Complete breakdown of my opinion there.)

Ok, so the third book is THE FURY, which needs to be in capitals, because it is all about the Big Bad Evil that has come to Elena's hometown. This is the same Big Bad that managed to kill Elena at the end of the second book, and she is Furious (get the title linking in there...). Oh, look, there are spoilers in this review, I'll pretend to be sorry now, before relentlessly continuing with the spoilers. *apologetic face*.

So Elena is now all La Vampira, and awakening to find she needs to rush to the aid of her maker, Damon, who is being attacked by her boyfriend, Stefan. OOOOHHHHH, balls, thats a big problem caused by all the trampy blood sharing with various men (see book 2). And then there is a whole load of stuff going down with the love triangle, and picking sides turmoil and whatnot. So, then there is the whole thing about all of the bad and murderous things happening in the first and second books that had ALL been blamed upon Damon, actually not ALL being done by Damon, just to confuse everyone. And then we find out who The Big Bad is, and why she is doing all of the evil/tormenting people type activities... here's a clue... she is totes psycho. The trio defeat her (naturally) but using a big ol' sacrificial twist that did technically end the series of books until the fans demanded more. Boo, I currently have a dislike for the sacrificial heroines of the story. But I am selfish, and demand a high proportion of Happily Ever Afters...

The Reunion, the fourth book, is written from Bonnie's perspective (Elena's best friend who is also a witch). So people start being attacked and murdered AGAIN, and Elena contacts Bonnie from beyond the grave to warn her about all of the danger, in an ominous warning. Apparently, The Super Big Bad is coming, and he completely outshines The Big Bad of book 3 in his fiendishness, and general creepiness. I mean, seriously, he is greasy and unkempt, and wears a mac. Creeptastic yuk. Stefan and Damon make a reappearance, there is some steamy flirting going on between Bonnie and Damon, and there are some naked (platonic) hugs and crying at one point... So, all in all, there are definitely some plot twists and turns that add interest to the story, but push the boundaries of believability. (Did I just mention believability in a review of a book about vampires? Of course.... because vampires are totally real....?)

So overall... Damon hits his sexy stride in these two books, and this cements my Team Damon Status. Elena develops as a character in the third book, which fixes one of the problems that I had with the first two books. The books are quick easy reads with interesting enough stories, and some fairly good characters, even though the writing is still pretty dire. Both get a 5 star rating.

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