Saturday, 22 December 2012

Mini-review- Christmas Without Holly, by Nicola Yeager

On Ninth day of Christmas, Rachel gave to thee, a mini review of  Christmas Without Holly, by Nicola Yeager (and Nine Ladies Dancing etc.).

  • Chick Lit with just a hint of Christmas... more like a pre-Christmas read
  • Oh Dear God, if I have to read one more Christmas book with a character named Holly. Gah! So not original. 
  • Holly has booked herself into a luxury spa for 3 days- a much needed pampering before going to stay with her fiancĂ© Clive's pain in the ass family for the holidays. Clive has been away working in Hong Kong for months as well, so she wants to look nice for him, or something.
  • As soon as she relaxes and is surrounded by the unfaithful rich wives that frequent the spa, Holly begins to doubt her relationship, her lifestyle, and her future. Plus, there is James, the masseuse who she is getting to know...
  • Kind of boring, rather predictable, and not very Christmassy. Ended at the point where it was just getting good (and any continuation of the story would have probably improved it). 3 stars

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