Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Mini-Review- In a New York Minute, by Eleanor Moran

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Rachel gave to thee a mini review of In A New York Minute by Eleanor Moran (and twelve drummers drumming, etc.)

  • A short story following Amy, an English woman working in New York on Christmas Eve, counting down to her flight home that evening. The whole project is going wrong, and her extremely good looking co-worker is being an ass.
  • Kind of choppy way of telling the story, but it means a lot of character background information is packed into just a few pages.
  • Not too sentimental, and definitely not insta-love, which I thought was a nice change from most short stories I've read recently.
  • Ends at a really nice point, leaving the story open for the reader to decide how it will all end for Amy. 6.5 stars.

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