Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mini-Review- Silver Bells, by Sadie Hart

On the Third Day of Christmas, Rachel gave to thee... a mini-review of Silver Bells, by Sadie Hart, (and Three French Hens, etc)

  • Dash is restoring the wooden animals from the old Carousel in the park one night when Merry, a homeless woman, seeks shelter in the barn where he is working. He admires her for her pride and stubbornness, and they develop a relationship.
  • Dash can no longer hear the musical bells hanging from a harness in the shed- in fact no one else can either, apart from Merry. Dash has to work out what this can possibly mean for both of them (my god its hard to write this bit without spoilers).
  • Insta-love- most of the relationship takes place off page.
  • Interesting twist- supernatural/magical Christmas element to the story
  • Sweet enough story, but I don't normally do sweet very well. 4 stars.

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