Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mini-review- Six Geese A-Laying, by Sophie Kinsella

On the sixth day of Christmas, Rachel gave to thee... a review of Six Geese A-Laying, by Sophie Kinsella (and six geese a-laying etc...)... see what I did there...

  • Modern day twist on A Christmas Carol, with Scrooge being replaced by six heavily pregnant women, called  Ginny (the narrator), Grace, Gina, Georgia, Geraldine and Gabby, who are all attending an exclusive pregnancy class together.
  • These women are all infuriatingly decided about how they are going to parent their poor unborn children, and need to be taught a lesson.
  • Super short story- literally a 10-15 minute read.
  • Ginny, the narrator, is annoying, which is a trait I really can't stand in a narrator, especially as she is so confident and judgemental. 
  • Overall, not that impressed, but wasn't terrible. Just a bit "meh". *Shrugs*. 4 stars.

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