Monday, 17 December 2012

Mini-Review- A White Cougar Christmas, by Eliza Gayle

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Rachel gave to thee... a mini review of A White cougar Christmas, by Eliza Gayle... ( and Four calling birds, etc.)

  • Niki is a Cougar shifter, who doesn't want to spend Christmas alone- so she heads to a bar, looking for, as she so bluntly puts it "a fight or a fuck".
  • There she meets Dean,  another cougar, who is "sex on legs" with a voice "like warm butter"- and they quickly hit it off.
  • Its a prequel to some other novellas the author has penned.
  • Really nice writing style; sexy and almost artistic, with some creative turns of phrase.
  • I felt like the story needed some more development/ could have continued, so was glad to find out Eliza Gayle has written more about Niki and Dean.
  • Sexy low plot fun, with a little bit of "I'm a shifter, she's my mate insta-love". 4 Stars

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