Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mini-review- The Winter Wish, by Jillian Eaton

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Rachel gave to thee... a mini review of The Winter Wish, by Jillian Eaton... ( and seven swans a-swimming, etc.)

  • Sarah has one wish: to gain the attention of Devlin Heathcliff, the handsome Viscount who she has loved for as long as she can remember. Unfortunately for Sarah, she is plain, quiet, and embarrassingly shy – the exact opposite of the type of woman Devlin is attracted to. All hope seems lost… Until her best friend's meddling and encouragement push her into Devlin's life, and desires.
  • Ok, this one is so bad its good. It has typos and editing problems, and the end of the story is just barf-tastic. And there is the fantastic typo of "nViscounty" which appears several times, where all of the "Earl" references have been changed en masse to Viscount.
  • There are some research errors (which is the kinda thing that bugs me). A single woman in the regency era wouldn't wear a deep red dress, or any dark colour. I'm being fussy, I know, but the devil is in the details.
  • There is a hilarious overuse of italics in the sex scene to bring emphasis to things that can't be mentioned directly by the rather innocent Sarah... not that she remains innocent for long...
  • Actual story, there is some kind of potential there, but its not quite utilised properly, and the ending is just too much of the sickeningly happy that only regency novels seem to be able to embody. 
  • Overall, all the problems and regency novel cliché just don't work well in this novella. 3 stars

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