Friday, 7 December 2012

Things I'm Loving #9

Because, sometimes, I do things other than read....

This week I am loving....

Nosy people on trains vs. people holding really private conversations in public places.

Two events have inspired this post.
A few weeks ago, I was on the tube home (which was very crowded), and had the pleasure of overhearing a conversation between two girls in their late teens about their love lives. I might have posted a snippet to twitter to share my amusement.
The highlight was Girl #1 saying to Girl #2 "So, if you could not tell anyone at Church that I slept with him, I'd really appreciate it."
It was so hard to keep a neutral face by this point. Don't tell anyone at Church, but please, let me first announce my sordid activities to the entire group of poor commuters squeezed into this carriage. The thing is though, I absolutely LOVE overhearing conversations like this. I am such a nosy person on public transport. In general actually.

Then there is the other side of the coin....

The other day I was sat waiting for a connection to the overground, and making notes for a review. Some random woman sat next to me, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her taking little peeps at my notepad. Now, that just seemed to me like pushing the limits of train nosiness etiquette to the very edge. Serves her right though, as she looked pretty shocked when she got to the phrase "sex shower scene". Silly mare.

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