Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Things that this year has taught me...

This year has been a massive learning curve for me; here is a selection of the random things I have found out.

The book blogging community are a bunch of lovely folks. Nuts. But lovely.
That I should listen to the niggling doubts in my head/trust my instincts more often.
That I am stronger than I thought.
That I am a facebook addict. I have a problem, and I am trying to replace this with a twitter addiction instead.
That the Yolo lifestyle is far too much effort to maintain.
That trying to fit all my possessions into a suitcase and a rucksack is a bold and stupid idea, that is totally unachievable.
That I am quite happy to leave all the clutter and crap I thought I needed behind.
That trusting people is hard, especially when you don't know what to expect from them.
That stress is caused by individual people, as much as the situations I find myself in.
That I ought to believe the nice things that people say.
That the Mayans just got bored of writing their calendar, and didn't actually predict the end of the world.
That real friendships can be picked up right where you left off, even if there is a big break in the middle.
That my friends all think that they are pimps.
That my Dad worries about me.
That I am much better at having fun now than I used to be.
That I love taking pictures.
That my mum believes in me (God only knows why).
That I have some truly amazing friends.
That I hate being pitied.
That Jake, Nick and Abbie have a really comfy sofa.
That I can find something to love in any job.
That Tumblr is amazing.
That my perception of myself is terrible; I frequently underestimate myself.
That perceptive (relative) strangers give the best advice
That 16 year old me had much better music taste than 21 year old me. 22 year old me is trying to rectify this, and has begun a musical re-education.
That drunk me says some stupid things, is fairly slow, and can't hold a meaningful discussion where my actual views are put across and actually understood.
That I regret the things that I didn't say more than anything I have said or done.
That cheap noodles have been highly affected by inflation rates.
That I can do 24 shots in one night.
That I really shouldn't do 24 shots in one night.

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