Saturday, 5 January 2013

Angel's Blood, by Nalini Singh

Title: Angel's Blood
Author: Nalini Singh
Format: Paperback
Length: 339 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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MMMM, Raphael. *fangirls out, hand actions et al.* *swoons*

Yes, I have another completely fangirl-esque fictional character crush. He's an Angel. Well, actually an Archangel, complete with ridiculous good looks, immortality, power, requisite heavily muscled body, wings, and a doubtable moral character. Just perfect.

Anyway, enough about me fan-girling. This book... just... gah! I need more words. *checks thesaurus* I want to say superb, but I am aware of how British I sound... oh, wait, I AM British... Yup, I'm going to stick with my original decision then... Angel's Blood is bloomin' superb! Now sit down with a pot of tea whilst I tell you all about it.

Elena hunts vampires for a living. (At this point of the synopsis I may have remarked "Don't we all?" which was accompanied by a mildly sarcastic rolling of the eyes.) Vampires are made by Angels in return for a contractually binding 100 years of servitude, and Elena hunts down and returns those naughty scallywag vamps who renege on their promises of servitude and try to escape. I say try, as she is hunter-born, and so has a sixth sense for tracking vamps, and so the poor little (blood)suckers stand no chance. Elena gets summoned to Angel Towers, to meet Raphael, Archangel and general head honcho Angel of the USA, who recruits Elena to track down another Archangel, Uram, who has gone just a teensy bit feral/mental/psychopathic. Elena and Raphael have to work together to track down Uram as the death-toll rises swiftly. The problem for Elena is, this is her most difficult mission yet, on several fronts; Archangels are almost impossible to kill, which makes her easy psychopath prey; If Uram doesn't kill her, then Raphael might, as he has a reputation to be ruthless in handing out punishments (and it doesn't help that Elena keeps pissing him off); and the kicker- Raphael has identified Elena as his next lover- which she is finding increasingly hard to resist. 

"You scare the shit out of me at times, but I want to dance with you anyway." 
-Elena to Raphael  

Sooo, yes... This book is full of the sexual chemistry, to the point where it is nearly dripping from the pages. Thankfully not literally. The world that Singh has created is fresh and original, and fantastically well thought out. Every character is interesting and well formed, even if they are just there for a few lines. Elena is an amazing character who manages to guide the reader through the etiquette and social order of a world inhabited by Angels and Vampires, without pausing the story. She is strong enough to hold her own, in both verbal and physical fights, and has absolutely no sense of self-preservation, which makes the threat to her come from many angles. Add in that her relationship with Raphael goes beyond just sexual attraction- afterall, she is the only one who makes Raphael "a little bit human". Its all just *gesticulates vaguely*... so so good. Exquisite. Splendiferous. My words fail me to explain the extent to which this book makes me happy. 

Promise me you will read it! Nalini Singh has a majestic way with words that, when combined with the constant banter between various characters, literally had me smiling as I read it. 9.0 stars.


  1. Sounds great! You know you want to lend it to me, don't you?! ;)

    1. Anne, you have to let me know what you thought! I saw you have read it on goodreads now!


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