Saturday, 26 January 2013

Discussion Post/ Random Rant- Would you be Divergent?

So the other day I posted my review of Divergent by Veronica Roth, in which I commented that "Its kind of interesting to consider what faction I would choose, both if I were Tris, or based on me personally". So, here is my follow up post.

For those of you who haven't read Divergent; 1) shame on you, push it to the top of your reading pile immediately! and 2) here is a break-down of the five factions.

Abnegation is the faction that values selflessness- every action should be determined by the consideration of others. They wear grey, don't celebrate birthdays, spend their time volunteering, and the political leaders are sourced from this faction, because they are incorruptible.

Erudite values intelligence- they have a constant thirst for knowledge, and wear blue. Career choices include occupations such as inventors and scientists.

The Dauntless value bravery- they are considered reckless by the other factions. They all wear black, and are all tattooed and pierced. Their main job is security, protecting the city from dangers both outside and in.

Amity are the peaceful faction; they are seen as laid back, and shown as both counsellors and farmers in the book. They all wear yellow clothing.

Members of the Candor faction are recognisable by their black suits and white ties; they see the truth as black and white, and dress to reflect that. To those in other factions, Candor members may seem tactless and frank, but their honesty means they make excellent (and trustworthy) lawyers.

Finally there are the factionless- those who fail their initiation into a faction, and are therefore rejected by that faction and wider society. They work doing the menial jobs that no one else wants to do, and get food and clothing in return.

So, if you were sixteen, in the choosing ceremony, and had to pick one of these five factions to join, which one would you choose? You have to live your life and dictate every decision based upon the rules of your chosen faction, and associate primarily with people who share those beliefs and mindset. Erm, no pressure.

I know which factions I wouldn't choose immediately. Amity is a definite no-no- I'm too much of a stress-head, and yellow is not a good colour on me at all. I definitely wouldn't pick Abnegation either- being considerate of others over yourself all the time must be exhausting! I found Tris' constant guilt that she wasn't selfless enough tiring, and that was only for a few pages!
I see truth as a matter of perspective/objectivity, i.e. in shades of grey, so that's Candour out as an option. Which leaves me with Dauntless and Erudite to choose from. This is where I am split. My innate geekisms, addiction to reading, curiosity (also known as being a nosy person), and the fact that the other day I was lamenting about how much I miss university, all point towards Erudite. But there is another part of me that really wants to be considered a member of the Dauntless faction: not that I have much proof of those qualities- I think that I am Erudite, and want to become more Dauntless. What would you choose? Would you take the risk to prove what you can be, like Tris did, or would you pick the safer option? Obviously it seems better to be Divergent, but that is an innate thing rather than a choice a person can make.

Yup, so that was my random rambling for today. Philosophical and whatnot, wasn't it? Let me know in the comments what you would be and why?


  1. Hmm... IDK either. The freedom of Dauntless is just amazing, you know. All of my signs point to Erudite as well. I'm not exactly friendly 24/7, I'm not exactly honest (I kinda prefer omission sometimes. Sometimes you have no choice but to lie, and sometimes you just have to tell the truth, lol). I'm definitely not selfless. I definitely don't want to jump off buildings, though I like the freedom of it.

    Yea, I would prefer being Divergent.

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

  2. I would probably end up being Abnegation or Erudite....There's no way I could be honest all of the time, it's impossible for me to not argue, and I'm too much of a wimp to be in Dauntless!

    Great post!

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!

  3. I'd be in either Abnegation, Amity or Erudite. I try to be selfless and kind all the time. I read all the time and I want to learn everything there is to learn. I couldn't be candor because I am a person who likes to keep secrets so I'd die during initiation. In dauntless I couldn't survive either because I really do not like hurting anyone even if I had to. Maybe I would end up being factionless as there is a kind of freedom there. Either way. I would be hunted down for being divergent


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