Friday, 25 January 2013

Things I'm loving #10

Because, sometimes, I do things other than read....

This week I am loving....

Pitch Perfect.

This has become a massive addiction over the past few days. I saw the film in the cinema before Christmas, and again last week at a friends house. The two guys I watched it with went to the aquarium with me the other day, and most of the day was filled with all three of us randomly breaking into partial renditions of the songs from the film, as well as some of the more choice quotes. This is fine for them- they both have beautiful singing voices. Me, not so much. I therefore apologise to everyone who was within hearing distance of me, any time over the past week.

And yes, I am listening to the soundtrack right now. And singing along, badly.


  1. YES!! Pitch Perfect is freaking AWESOME!!! What are you doing Amy? Horizontal running? LOL

    1. Fat Amy is the best!! "My name isn't Fat Amy. It's Fat Patricia." Rebel Wilson is a comedy genius!

  2. I honestly just finished watching it for like the billionth time a half hour ago! Absolutely LOVE it!

    1. Yes, its amazing!! So glad I'm not alone in my love for this film!


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