Thursday, 14 March 2013

E-reader vs Paperback (Ducks head as fight commences)

So all this week I have been posting E-reader vs Paper copies related pics on The One With Rachel's Book's Facebook Page in a build-up to my vague rant. For those of you in a rush, it is pretty well summed up by the Nerd Girl Problem posted at the bottom of the page. For everyone else, go ahead and read my random musings.

Ok... Books and me have history. Obviously, as a kid and then through my teen years, I didn't have an e-reader, and so my love of the written word was channelled exclusively through a large collection of paperbacks, and frequent trips to the school library. Books were frequently passed on to me by my Mum and my Gran- a practice that still continues today. (just last week I took my copies of The Night Circus and The Secret Supper Club up to my Gran's house for her to read) Strangely enough, it is slightly harder to share a book with someone when it is on your e-reader. There are very few people I would trust with my kindle (and I do get slightly territorial over it). In fact, the only instance I can think of in which I left my kindle with anyone... at all... ever... was with my boyfriend in a coffee shop while I went for a job interview. This was because 1. He had nothing to read, and 2. He needed to be shown the awesomeness of Oscar Wilde.

Anyway- books have this sharing/lending type nature to them (at least in my family) whereas e-readers don't.

Kindle has free reads, especially classics. My god, my addiction to free reads is out of control. My book collection on my kindle is principally (like 95%) free smut and free classics. But... if I get a classic book for free on Kindle that I find I absolutely love, I will then buy it in paperback...

I get a massive kick out of seeing my book collection in various places in my house. Currently there are 4 book shelves in my house (three are mine), and a pile of books on my bedside table, as well as random singular books dotted around (despite my mother's attempts to herd me and my belongings back into my bedroom). There are also two books in my handbag (my current read and a spare). The effect just isn't the same with my kindle- I know I have about 80 books on there at the moment, but it doesn't envoke the same sense of pride in my collection that my physical books do.

Basically, I am split on the whole book vs. kindle thing. I love both. More books for me, as far as I am concerned. Kindle is good for practicality, and yet I am a sentimental being sometimes (and so books win extra points in that department.)
I don't really get the passionate arguing over whatever way people wish to read books in. It is a bit like the xbox vs. wii vs. playstation debate as well, I suppose.   "I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school...
I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy...."
Erm... yeah, I quoted Mean Girls... and???

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