Sunday, 10 March 2013

Top 5 (and a half)Favourite Fictional Mums

In honour of Mother's Day (which is today here in the UK), here are some of my favourite fictional Mums, and why.
Molly Weasley

1. Molly Weasley- Harry Potter: "Not my daughter, you bitch!"

I think that phrase says it all. Molly Weasley is a bad-ass mum. Yes, she fusses over her many children, and she knits sweaters for Christmas presents, but she also takes on dark-wizards in battle and wins.

2. Mrs Bennet- Pride and Prejudice: “Good gracious! Lord bless me! Only think! Dear me! Mr. Darcy! Who would have thought it? And is it really true? Oh, my sweetest Lizzy! how rich and how great you will be! What pin-money, what jewels, what carriages you will have! Jane’s is nothing to it — nothing at all. I am so pleased — so happy. Such a charming man! — so handsome! so tall! Oh, my dear Lizzy! pray apologise for my having disliked him so much before. I hope he will overlook it. Dear, dear Lizzy! A house in town! Everything that is charming! Three daughters married! Ten thousand a year! Oh, Lord! What will become of me? I shall go distracted.”

Mrs Bennet is amazing purely because she is such an awful woman. A figure of harsh satire and general dramatic comic relief, she says the most embarrassing, tactless things.... and I LOVE IT!

3. The Aunts - Practical Magic: "My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage." - Aunt Frances

Although they are technically Guardians rather than Mothers, the Aunts, Frances and Jet, are the crazy old women that I aspire to be in my senior years. To someone normal, they may seem completely nuts, brewing their love potions and keeping an excess number of cats... but they care (even if they don't always know how to show it), and they come out with some pretty great lines- my favourite of which I have quoted above.

4. Natalie Prior- Divergent: "Be brave Beatrice. I love you."

I loved how supportive Natalie was of Tris in Divergent. In a world where they are all taught to choose faction first, Natalie's strength to say that she doesn't care about what faction her daughter is in is pretty significant. And then there is the whole other side to her, where by the end of the book I had totally transformed my opinions of her, going from vague respect for her quiet support and strength, to... ah, damn, I can't tell you without spoiling the entire second half of the book. Basically, kick-ass character, and possibly the best actual mum of the lot I have chosen.   Scratch that.. Molly Weasley FTW, but Natalie Prior is still pretty cool.

5. Cercei Lannister- A Game of Thrones: "When you play a game of thrones, you win or you die."

I wanted to put all of the female characters from Game of Thrones in this list, but not all of them are mothers... Catelyn is pretty damn cool too, but of the GoT mums, Cercei wins. She really would do anything for her family, and indeed she does some pretty messed up and cruel things to protect herself, her children and her brother/lover. Plus, she is Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. How many mums can claim to be that?

Cercei Lannister

5.5...... OOH, massive loophole here.... my super absolute favourite character from Game of Thrones happens to be Daenerys Targaryen, also known as The Mother of Dragons (amongst many other titles). Yes, this is such a technicality, but she is such an amazing character that I can not miss her out. Her inner strength and courage, as well as how much she grows over the books, make her a fearsome being to behold.

Happy Mother's day to all mummy's out there, but especially to my own. She puts up with a lot from me, so Thank You Mummy!

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