Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review: First Catch Your Husband: Adventures on the Dating Front Line, by Sarah Bridge

Allow me to introduce you to the incredibly funny, laugh-out-loud-on-the-train-and-get-stared-at book, First Catch Your Husband: Adventures of the Dating Front Line. Sarah Bridge has written a biographical account of her dating history, covering the time from which a slight fear of shrivelled ovaries hit her, causing a renewed vigour on the dating front.

Sarah has definitely had more than her fair share of dating misadventures... Ok, this is a hard review to write without feeling like I am criticising Sarah Bridge personally.This is not just her writing, but her real life, her love life, that I am discussing. It feels kind of personal. Lets try this again, with slightly less judging and more reviewing...

Sarah has had way more than her fair share of dating disasters- blind dates with green suited weirdos, singles events where no men turn up, and a financially (and physically) exhausting collection of hobbies pursued to increase your chance of running into "The One", or at least, a vaguely good looking man with similar hobbies to you. Sarah also goes into the various other aspects of the single life- sympathetic and pitying looks from friends, poorly phrased zen advice from newly un-single friends (who are suddenly pros at life, especially dating, even after years of failure).

The writing is funny, but marked with a vague tone of desperation and maybe a tinge of self-pity. There were moments where I felt almost sorry for Sarah, and every other single woman past the age of 30. And yet, as the book progressed, you could almost see her mental state developing, which was somewhat reassuring. Whilst there were some really slow parts, when Sarah is mid-anecdote, she is a superb story teller of awkward but hilarious stories over lunch with the girls, type stories. I began reading this on the tube, and soon had to stop, after receiving weird looks for me laughing out loud.

A mixed bag here... A very honest, borderline critical look at the world of dating in your 30s, written by an intelligent and vaguely funny woman, who is incredibly brave for putting herself out there like this, baring soul for biographical purposes. Funny, but not spectacular. 5.5 stars

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  1. I've just found your lovely review after a quick bout of self-Googling - thanks so much for your great comments. Much appreciated and a lovely surprise. And great blog by the way!
    All the best,
    Sarah Bridge


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