Friday, 12 April 2013

review: Toil and Trouble, by H. P. Mallory

Title: Toil and Trouble
Author: H. P. Mallory
Format: Ebook
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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The second book in H. P. Mallory's fantastic Jolie Wilkins series, Toil and Trouble continues straight from where Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble left off- in the middle of a paranormal war. Jolie awakes from a magical coma, having won the allegiance of the Fairy King in a battle, to find herself severely weakened, and the entire magical population about to go to war against each other. And they aren't just fighting for territory, or for power. They are fighting for Jolie herself- her power to reanimate the dead has attracted all the wrong sort of attention, naturally (something that was set up fantastically in the first book, which a total must read). So, prep for battle is ongoing through the book, which I thought would get boring, but doesn't as it builds slowly, and is broken up by much sexual tension/banter with both Rand Balfour (the infuriating Warlock that Jolie should totally be with- my God they need to just sort it out), and with Sinjin... who is there to confuse Jolie sexually and to totally delay her and Rand's relationship. 

And then there is the time travelling thing. And it all gets complicated, but I kinda figured out half way through how it was going to pan out (in the plot reveals, but not so much the plot developments), and got very non-nonsensical in my "Oooh, I know what could happen!" and "Aw, they wuv each other!" remarks... Yes, I talk to myself... problem?

Anyway. Jolie rocks, still. In fact, she rocks more in this book than the last. Her magic gets stronger, and she embraces the whole kicking ass thing, whilst retaining her loltastic personality. Rand is deliciously uptight, facing a decision between love and honour- I love that the reader finds out so much more about his history- afterall, a warlock who is over 100 years old has a lot of history to find out about- and this made him so much more accessible. In fact, I did swing from team Sinjin firmly into Team Rand. 

Overall.... 7.5 stars. So. Good.

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