Saturday, 11 May 2013

Review: Wait for me, by Elisabeth Naughton

Mini review time, peeps!

Wait for Me, by Elizabeth Naughton, is a romantic suspense novel that is available in both paperback and e-book.

The book first follows Kate Alexander, an amnesia patient who has no memory of her life pre-accident. Kate's life is somewhat perfect, but her marriage has never quite fit, or made her totally happy- there is something missing in her life. After her doctor husband dies in an accident, she discovers a secret that he has kept from her all these years- that she has a daughter that she forgot.

Next, Ryan Harrison is introduced. Having lost his wife in a plane crash five years previously, he has focused on raising their daughter and developing his business into an incredibly successful pharmaceutical venture.

As Kate and Ryan are re-united they both have to come to terms with what they have lost, and what they have gained- Kate has no memory of their past relationship, but is strangely drawn to Ryan, whilst Ryan wants his old wife back, and struggles to come to terms with Kate's new identity, and the time they spent apart. And then there is the whole mystery behind why Kate has amnesia, and why another man had masqueraded as her husband for five years. Woo, depth and mystery in fiction land!

It has one of the most "ZOH-MY-GAWD, Did I seriously just read that?" starts to a book that I have ever read. Reading the book, it felt terribly predictable as the story developed, but I think that lulled me into a false sense of security, as eventually the book surprised me with a rather dramatic twist as the book raced towards its climax. The relationship between Kate and Ryan felt real, and rather frustrating, as they both tried to comes to terms with their relationship. The fame dynamic added another level to the story, and worked well as a source of conflict. The middle dragged somewhat, but the start and end more than make up for this with the rather dramatic premise and ending. 6.5 stars.

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