Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The WORST possible thing to happen to a book lover

Today is a sad day. Today I unpacked my final bag from my move to Jordan- I had sent this bag ahead with a friend, filled with books and contact lens solution, and so it sat, seemingly happy for 4 months in her house. I unpack the bag, happy with each item that I pull from it, pleasantly surprised that I had packed a wonderful selection of keepsakes, books to read and my really fancy coat... Until I reached the bottom, to find three books wet and covered in mold, victim of a burst bottle of said contact lens solution. I think... I hope, perhaps stubbornly, that I can rescue them. They are currently sat drying on the balcony, after I have painstakingly removed what mold I can.

I swear, this will not be the end of my precious books. I refuse to buy another copy of A Dance With Dragons, parts 1 and 2, or of Archangel's Legion. I also refuse to cry- my tears might ruin them further. Am I being melodramatic? Probably. But no book deserves this kind of death, especially an unread one.

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