Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Review: A Counterfeit Christmas Summons, by Ava Stone

Lady Emma Whitton has decided its time to take her future in her own hands. She has been in love with Viscount Heathfield since she was in leading strings. Unfortunately, it's been almost that long since she's laid eyes on her brother's old friend and vice versa. Tired of waiting for him to remember her, Emma pens a holiday invitation (in her brother's hand) to Heathfield and waits as patiently as she is able for her one true love to arrive.

Heath isn't quite certain what to make of the very strange summons he received, but his curiosity is most definitely piqued. He heads north to Danby Castle, only to find that his very orderly life is about to be turned upside down.

Not got the time for a full length Christmas book? Then check out this very seasonal novella; Lady Emma Whitton has decided that she has to stop waiting for a certain someone to notice her (especially when she hasn't seen him for 10 years) , and to take matters into her own hands. She has a simple plan- write a letter, pretending to be her brother, get Viscount Heathfield to her Grandpapa's Christmas party, and he will fall in love with her immediately upon walking through the door? But, obviously things are never as simple as planned, when Heath brings a friend along, doesn't even recognise Emma, and
then swiftly mentions that he has been betrothed since childhood. Of course, in her panic, Emma goes on to state that she too has a fiancé, a Flemmish man named Blommen- all lies of course.
As events unfold, it is entertaining to watch Emma and Heathfield let themselves, Emma's relatives and the many other house guests get in the way of a potential relationship. The plot moves quickly, but feels relatively well balanced considering it is a novella.
Novellas often have the problem of the main characters falling in love instantly, and it is clear the author is aware of this problem- Emma has always been in love with Heathfield, but she has no idea if he returns those feelings at all.
A cute regency Christmas read, with enough romance and goings-on to get the reader into the Christmas spirit.

Highlights: Emma's relatives, especially her Grandpapa, Danby, who appears to know and see everything
Low points: Heathfield's instant feelings for Emma, when at first he didn't even recognise her, are a bit suspect, but with novellas you do have to roll with it.

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